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Green Sink Solutions

Australian household food waste disposer 0.75 HP

Australian household food waste disposer 0.75 HP

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Green Sink Solutions' LX - A04 is the first and only Australian food waste disposer. The LX - A04 is our household solution to organic waste disposal.

Designed for the average household, this in-sink waste disposal unit can grind almost any food and organic waste, including banana peels, egg shells, onion skins, coffee/tea residue, and meat & poultry bones. The LX - A04 is the perfect size to neatly fit under most Aussie household kitchen sinks.


The 4 stage grinding process of the LX - A04 combined with ABS sound-proofing technology enables you to grind organic waste in seconds without waking the baby!

A high-quality, long-lasting and low maintenance solution using the latest technology in food waste disposal, the LX - A04 is a must in the modern Aussie household, keeping your kitchen clean and reducing the amount of waste sent to our landfills.

High Quality, High Performance:

  • Premium quality and ABS sound-proofing enclosures, making it quieter than standard models.
  • 4 stage grinding motor & stainless steel grinding system, having the ability to grind almost any food and organic waste.
  • Oil bearing with aerospace-grade lubricants and high performance rubber oil seal that guarantees durability.
  • 3/4 HP with a capacity of 1,400 ml and a max RPM of 3,600.
  • Market innovator with remote control operation.
  • Crushing capacity at 4.5 Kg/min reducing particles to less than 1 mm.
  • Our household solution is CB and ISO certified and fully compliant with Australian safety standards.



  • The product is covered by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. Any manufacturing defect is covered by a inspection, repair or if necessary, a full replacement.
  • This product is for household use and commercial usage is not covered by warranty.
  • Usage instructions must be carefully followed for optimum performance. Misuse of the product will result in warranty being void.

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