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Our Mission

Our mission is to use the latest technology to provide a modern solution to organic waste disposal and reduce landfill waste.

Proudly 100% Australian Owned

Green Sink Solutions is proudly Australian Owned and certified. By supporting us, you are supporting the Australian economy and investing in Australia. We thank you for your support!

Award winning service

We are proud to have received recognition from Food & Beverage Technology Review, an established publisher in the food industry, for being an innovator in the food waste management business.

How does a Green Sink Solution work?

Making the Planet green one disposer at a time

As a small family business, we realise that our actions impact our children's future. That's why, along with doing our part to reduce landfill waste, we are also committed to making the world a little greener.
For every order you place, we will plant a tree to support reforestation in Australia. This is at no extra cost to you and will count as your contribution to the fight against rising greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Some startling facts

    1. Australia is one of the largest contributors of food and organic waste in the world, with food waste accounting for 3% of the country's greenhouse gas emissions.

    2. The average Australian wastes almost 312 Kg of food per year.

    3. Households and industries are responsible for over 7.6 million tonnes of food waste - more than 43,000 grounded 747s.

    4. Of all the food waste generated in Australia, 43% gets disposed to landfills.

  • Why are landfills bad?

    • Organic waste dumped into landfills produces harmful greenhouse gases such as methane which are known to be 21 times more toxic than carbon dioxide.
    • 7.6 mega tonnes of greenhouse gases were generated from food waste disposed in 2016/17 alone over the life of its decay.
    • Landfills have a detrimental impact on the surrounding air, water and land quality.
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  • Our solutions get rid of food and organic waste immediately maintaining a clean, hygienic environment which reduces the risk of vermin.

  • Composting is an important part of waste management, however, is impractical for many households and businesses.

    Our solutions provide an eco-responsible fix and can even get rid of bones, protein leftovers and other organic matter which would be unsuitable for composing.

  • Running a Green Sink Solution uses less than 6 litres of water per day, which is equivalent to an additional toilet flush per day.

    The daily power consumption is equivalent to a LCD TV switched on for 3 minutes.

    It reduces the number of plastic garbage bags going to landfill by 7 times!

  • Many waste water treatment companies now employ anaerobic digestion, where organic waste is turned into biogas and thereby harnessing renewable energy.

    Increase in organic waste in waste water enables greater generation of renewable energy.

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