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LX C01 - Commercial food waste disposer 2 HP

LX C01 - Commercial food waste disposer 2 HP

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Green Sink Solutions' LX - C01 is the first and only Australian commercial food waste disposerThe LX - C01 is our heavier and stronger model designed for commercial kitchens that generate significant amounts of food and organic waste, such as restaurants.

The LX - C01 comprises a stainless steel grinding system with an anti-corrosion cutter and a double-sided rotating cutting head. It can grind and flush almost any organic and food waste in large quantities continuously during the day. Add to this our premium quality metal sound-proofing enclosures, and your business can continue to run smoothly without additional noise in the kitchen. A powerful, low maintenance and long lasting solution, the LX - C01 uses the latest technology in commercial food waste disposal systems to process large quantities of waste in a matter of minutes.

Please check regulations your water provider prior to purchase.

Superior strength for superior functionality

- Suitable for businesses with a large amount of organic and food waste with a grinding capacity of 8 Kg/minute. A grinding chamber capacity of 5,200 ml means large batches of waste can be disposed of easily at once.

- 2 HP motor with a maximum RPM of 1,400, the in-sink waste disposal unit can grind particles to smaller than 3 mm before flushing them through the waste water system.

- Protecting reset switch enables quick anti-jamming functionality.

- High quality stainless steel grinding chamber, rubber oil seals and oil bearings with aerospace-grade lubricants provide high performance and durability.

- Industry standard air switch operation model.

- Our commercial solution is CE and ISO certified and fully compliant with Australian safety standards.

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